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You are all awesome people and I just want to say thank you to all the people that worked on this. Seriously, thank you for all the hard work.
Who knows?
Thanks! Great work on the CRT helmet!
Thanks! Just trying to spread word of 0x40 hues in the only way I know how, building goofy shit.
Love this flash! One of my favorites. One question: what's the difference between v5.0 and v5.11? Can't seem to navigate to the patch notes if they exist.
Scroll down a bit to read "0x40 Hues of Winter" and "0x40 Hues v5.11" on the blog.
Nice loop, good work.
Hey everyone, i have been away for a while, but last time i was here (a year or 2 maybe ago), i wanted to help make this popular again, and now i've got the perfect way of doing so! (message too long so read the next message)
i have created a workshop item on steam, for "Wallpaper Engine" and it has the 0x40 Hues in it, meaning people can now have this awesome stuff as their wallpaper :D (i will, on request of owners/creators/etc remove it from steam, but i hope you are happy that i did this)
Here is an image showing it works:

On request i will post the steam workshop link and or a video demo of it. :)

Greetings from the netherlands,
How to download this outside of Steam I pirated WP Engine so I can't download it via Workshop
Hey Anon,
That's not a problem, do you have a steam account i can contact you on? i'd be glad to send it to you, even via other services like steam/discord/skype (or even an e-mail!) :D
I won't send the link in here though as i'm not sure about the rules of this chat.

Greetings, Coolykoen
I sent you a friendrequest on Steam (Celestielle)
Saw that, as you already know ;)
Chrome trying to download flashes when opening them instead of launching them. Anyone know what's up? Didn't do this like a month ago. I've tried it on the regular client as well as the beta.
There have been some changes to Chrome which force swf downloads. To fix this, go to chrome://plugins/ and check the "Always allowed to run" box under Adobe Flash Player
the best
It has been a while since i've posted about it, so here's a little update:

The 0x40 Hues for Wallpaper engine... already has:
-297 Unique visitors
-137 Subscribers
-19 Favorites

Whoever these people are, i thank you all for this! :)

What if I said I could 100% complete the requests that people have? I would need some direction on how exactly you'd want them, but I've made my own fit into a Hues ResPack.
>>495 thank you for the great desktop :^)