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It's 0x40Chan!
We have it all:
Links: >>1

>greentext and links! >>1
One month since last blog update. ;_;
Ye we ded
I wish to be the little girl
So do I Moot
I sure love to make centipedes
We be tarz
forked from http://dev.comeonandsl.am/dev/0x40/
Looking nice! But as with the dev0x40, the images don't load for me on Chrome Ubuntu.
You made something special when you added "hold my liquor" a really nice party's over feel.
Thanks, glad you like it. I was honestly expecting a bunch of people to go
when I added it, but I thought the atmosphere fit hues pretty well.
Where did all the not megumi characters come from?
"0x40 hues of 0x40 not megumi's" and all the variants are just older versions we made back in December before we got to hues v1.0. All of the characters from that old one made it into v1.0, but we changed the images for some of them.
I love your flashes! Very entertaining... keep up the good work <3
I made a thing on your flash (though an option to close the window in the middle without stopping your own song would be nice.) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po_sF7bqrHs
Check 'em
wow how'd you do that wizrad
Hey AMM, and the whole team.
You're all Awesome.
Hey guys, just wanted to say that I really enjoy this project and wish you all the best in your future endeavors!
Don't know if it's too late for this now, but any chance of Timeless by PrototypeRaptor being in hues?
can i have the sources? how to edit this little piece of perfection?!
Just hold on a day or so, sheesh!
Are there any links to the pictures?
Not publicly yet, but soon.
:^) Mfw this post will end in 32
Please put a better picture of Asuka.

Here I uploaded one of my favorites. Do it or I'll have a tantrum.


Also this is a very cute project. I like it.
Thanks very much!
That's a nice pic, unfortunately images with gradients don't work very well, and that one in particular would prove near impossible to edit to fit the rest of the images.
We do plan on changing her picture though, so hopefully it's a step up from the last
Kudos for looping that one part in Kryptonite that's actually good <3!!!!!!!
check my 8
Does this .swf respect the freedom of the user? Can I modify it as I wish and distribute these modified versions? If so, then it is free software, if not, then it is proprietary software, and does not respect your freedom.
tfw my waifu isn't on this.
yeah Richard! thats it
The respacks containing images won't load. You'll also need to add the buildup rhythms to songs.xml in the 420 pack.
Hey guys. I made a shitty resource pack, let me know what you think. https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B4ISRq0NIvJfQjdPWTE0eWxyWGM
I like it, but Knife Party - Fire Hive should be more dynamic. Try to Add '-' on every beat.
I updated the file. Only changed the beatmaps on Fire Hive and Bonfire.
Add this beat for SynSUN, works much nicer IMO.
You might not like the little dark intro part of it, I like it personally, flows nicely in to the beat.
Woops, remove 2 dots at the end.
loud pipes http://puu.sh/9jc3Z/ce412b93f4.zip
why is looping so hard
where i can get the outlaw star song in mp3? i wanted to extract the swf but there is no "sound" folder
PrototypeRaptor - Timeless
Whats your favorite song?
Mine is Hyper - Spoiler
just a few songs I like
added another song
I'll be adding more soon.
Probably Orange Sunrise or the BT one

It says I don't have access.
It should work now.
Cool stuff in there. It's fun to see new content being made already. Might use a couple of them in the next hosted resource pack.
420 hues and April Hues aren't loading for me in the V5.
Is there going to be a page to list external packs?
Added 4 more songs.
I have studied the respacks failing a bit. Loading the flash up in a 11.2 Debug Player on Linux, I see that processing the first image leads to a SecurityErrorEvent with the helpful information of "text=Error #2".

Any of those for the respacks fail, what version is your Flash?

As far as I know, this is not the only problem, but a major one indeed. The source of the problem is flash being iffy about loading images from a zip.
added a few more

My Firefox uses
My Chrome uses
My IE uses 11.7.700.169

None of these will process the grayscale pack.

I've also tried MPCHC (Media Player Classic Home Cinema, it's what I use to watch videos and such). It also cannot process the pack, but considering it uses the IE flash version, that's not unexpected. However, MPCHC also cannot show any images at all, it just flashes colors.

Using Windows 7 64 bit.

Let me know if I can help with other info.
KOAN Sound & Asa - Sanctuary

This makes 16. Making these is just too much fun.
KOAN Sound & Asa - Starlite


This one was damn hard to perfect.
Updated Hues Mix A & B so that the clips are higher quality. Also gave them correct source links for when you click their names in the UI.
I updated my DLC Pack again. Now with more Knife Party!
(also has The Weekend from weekend_inside_joke.swf if people want that)
I have finally hit the 20 song mark.
how do you make it so when you click the song it takes it to a webpage?
I'd like to have each song linked to their respective youtube video.
or maybe to a document that I could put in the respack that has all of the links to the videos?
nvm, ill just put a document in there, no need for linking in the flash.
All right, added links to all songs.
>>72 >>73 >>74 >>75 >>76
We've been a bit lazy about tutorials, but here's some info on how the respack XML works:

And BTW, the location of the files does not matter at all. They can be anywhere.
Thanks that helped, now they are all linked.
Now that there's Osaka in it, what do you think about having Osaka Hues? Instead of images we can have people submit faces. Just throwing an idea around here.
that would actually be pretty fun.
I'd be so down for an Osaka Hues you have no idea. Btw thanks to the dev team for fulfilling my Kasukabe request! Now I can stare at my waifu as she raves on the TV
Just wanted to say, V5 is excellent. Is there a way to hide the XO bar in this one?
Press H twice, or press the down arrow on the bottom left of the bar at the bottom twice.
We actually talked about doing something like that a long time ago as a hidden extra or separate flash but never got around to it. Maybe one of these days.

I didn't even see that she was requested, but glad someone else likes her!
I use this to find new songs to listen to. 4/5 its okay

So here's Smile by The Crystal Method. Figured I'd try my hand at the editor. Turned out okay I guess, although I can't seem to fix the desync towards the end.
fixed a few problems that some had. Let me know if you find some I missed.
not sure why, but i've mirrored what other respacks have done, and still can't seem to get images to load. I load the zip without images, and it loads the songs just fine. i even tried following >>77 's link by creating an images.xml exactly like the template said. Not to rush, but it'll be nice to have a tutorial sometime that'll point out mistakes that i've probably made.
I See Monstas - Holding On. Because Deskstep.swf

We'll have proper written tutorials for respack and loop creation and beat-mapping up pretty soon.

In the meantime, here's Mike's tutorial on "how to make loop"
A request, Fallen Angel, from The Worst Album P&S OST.
requesting this picture
for >>92

P&S OST - Fallen Angel

Also, >>90 fixed link if it wasn't working earlier.
Check that your Flash is at least 11.4 and that the image filenames are unique (no Image.png AND Image.gif)
>>70 nice repack. Fire Hive beatmap much better now.
>>88 wow so many songs wow so cute so awesome
Man, I love the v5 of hues, but I have a request, on the sources page, can we get the animated lain?
Here ya go: http://0x40hues.blogspot.fi/Sources/Defaults#Lain
I found the problem, it relates only to mac users. To fix; open terminal > type zip -d (drag zip file onto terminal command window) __MACOSX/\*

This deletes unnecessary injected mac files that apparently create problems for hues player. Hope that helps anyone.
Could you send a zip with the MacOS resource forks? It'd help debugging, and having the users fix their zips ins't the real solution (although the __MACOSX should be gotten rid of when possible).

And hurray, 0.1k messages!
I finally have a good song to use for Mr. Bones other than Fire Hive. :3

my repack

all repack that I have found in 1 zip
Now that the VPS and 0x40Chan is up again, if you haven't noticed, you can and are encouraged to post your respacks here:

Shoutboxing is allowed too, but as we can't afford a better server, it goes down often. Having the packs on another page helps others to see them even with the chat down.
>Shoutboxing is allowed too
Is shitposting allowed as well?
Any way to add an auto skip for music? Since they are loop, I think it would be best to put an auto skip timer set by the use.r
Check out AutoSong in the options, the first item on the left.
this image needs to be reposted but when taking the screenshot, disable subs so its not blocking the top part of her
Here's my first repack :

WARNING : Some images are NSFW.

Songs list :
* Nhato - Hello World
* Gramatik - Pardon My French
* Madeon - Cut Up The Kid
* Kamp! - Cairo
* Ronald Jenkees - Stay Crunchy (Wolf-e-Wolf remix)

I've downloaded the images from Konachan.com. I think there is some duplicata of the 0x40 Hues' default though.
there is the one w/o subs
and just in case you need to remove the name covering her hand, i can get a more zoomed in picture that doesnt have the name in it so you can cut her hand and paste it over the text
now with 26
I just saw the original 0x40 and holy shit that intro is hype as fuck, why was it taken off?
I added it to my pack as Finale v2
i asked the same question
Do you mean Origins? (Link below) That was (re)made by me (and got me into the team), but severely limits the amount of songs that can be put in the flash. Not to mention the intro is long (even if it can be skipped with spacebar) and NSFW, which we've slightly avoided.
What if you cut the intro just to the part where it skips to? It would shorten the intro by a lot and wouldn't be NSFW.
he most likely means the intro to the song, not the entire video.
check my pack, if that is what you meant by "intro" then there you go.
I might fix Origins with the full 0x40 and a better video, but it was meant as a joke.
We won't use the video as an intro; the team has dropped "of Megumi" from the title ages ago, it's not that much about Airi anymore.
Yeah, it's just that intro gets me so hyped up. Thanks for answering!
Will you ever fix audio/video sync on Linux NPAPI flash?
I can't believe you have scanty, kneesocks, stocking and no panty

this is an absolutely shameful mistake
It took me a bit to reconstruct her fingers.. but I finished it and put it in my pack->http://www.mediafire.com/download/rys9987zacc4i3f/il_Vendicator&#39;s_Pack.zip
Thanks for the image :)
Any good tutorials to make flash stuff?
Ugh, source please?
I can't seem to get shit from decompiling it, only the preloader code - which is very misleading.
requesting this
Hello faggot
Can anyone provide a package with the images from thw flash? Would really appreciate.
Here you go, the official defaults used in the flash.
/r/ loituma
Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Roll Rick Ahsley
Cash Cash - Michael Jackson (The Beat Goes On)

's cool
homage to heartbeat.swf

Trentemoller - Moan
Is there any way to save the respacks you have downloaded through the swf? That'd a nice option to have.
There any way to download the entire thing? I suck with technical stuff but I seriously want this incase my internet goes down
Nah, you'll have to load them in each time. Would be nice, but I don't think it's possible.

Just right-click the link to the flash and hit "Save link as..." http://puu.sh/9TNy8.png
Then you can open the flash in your browser any time.
Do any of you guys like Nightcore? Because I am thinking of making loops of my Nightcores but I don't know if people would like them.
Dig the psytrance thrown in there. How do I contribute to this project?
Just depends on the songs. But yeah, go for it.

Just have to cut and map your own loops. You can unzip packs that others have sent in for reference on how they're set up. Or join the Skype and we can walk you through it.
added 1 more song and 5 nightcores
The lack of JJBA related things is appalling.
how the hell do you get grayscale.zip to work?
castle in the sky (4 versions of loop)

You're doing gods work anons.

Doing good anon. Needs moar songs tho m80
Made my... 4th. Joe Ford - Distilled: http://puu.sh/afKvh/892ff244bf.zip
added 2 more songs
added 8 more
added 3 more to finally hit the 50 song mark.
how i download the original to my PC
original what?
did anyone pick up on this request?
Here http://puu.sh/ay5gE.png
added 5 more
soo i did MXL file and .zipped it but now when i try to use it it doesnt realise it, what im supposed to do?
problem solved, now its working properly
added 4 more
y u no open source?
added 4 more
I have been able to make 0x40 hues my screensaver, if enough people want it I will make a tutorial on how to do this since it gets a little technical since this is a flash. If enough people vote here for me to make one I will post a link to it here and in the comments.
Stupid me forgot the link: http://strawpoll.me/2317671
B-Complex - Beautiful Lies VIP
Drum & Bass
Any chance of being able to load one pack from our own server if it's embedded to only use that pack? (As in custom 0x40 for one site)
if anyone wants a screensaver, just download eolsoft flash movie player, open 0x40 (or any other swf) and go to file > set as screensaver. nothing really technical about that.
I guess that works as well, I was using web screen saver and had to do some stuff to destroy the ad they put up that messed up the flash. Just use his method above, although I like mine which allows a lot of customization.
The Quick Brown Fox - Wanderlust
please add Fuura Kafuka
If you guys make another release, would you consider removing black from the colors that 0x40 can randomly flash to? It's fine when a song specifically calls for black, but going black feels out of place during regular 'O' and 'X' changes.
Yeah, I had noticed that too. It happens on both the Alpha and Plain settings with the default colors.
It can be averted by switching to the Pastel or 420 color set when on those modes, but you're right, it does feel out of place when it cuts to solid black at odd times.
Oops, I guess I wasn't really that descriptive about it, but yeah, I use plain blend and normal colors on the retro interface, and it's a small fix that I think would make it that much nicer. I just prefer the way that those settings keep the character outline black. The static black is a nice contrast to the color changes.
Added 4 more.
You know what would be great (probably mentioned before) If you guys make a program that works just like this flash. You put in your music and add your images and it plays it on key and everything. Id buy that program.
Im one of those guys that has that idea and then realizes that you can edit stuff in the flash. So forget about that first post.
I love you guys
Hey guys, how can I get the original loops from 0x40? I've tried extracting the swf, found nothing.
You can download the HQ resource pack from here:
Dowloading respacks doesn't seem to do anything. They show as "LOADED", but they aren't added to current.
"Load zip" doesn't do anything either.
I am unable to load my respack. It just hangs for a little while, and then does not show anything.
Is there like a limit to the number of songs it can load?
I hope not. I am trying to use a respack with ~170 loops.
There were problems with out donated server, and it's cleared out now.

There is no hardcoded limit, but loading 170 loops could trigger the Flash script timeout, presuming the loops itself work in smaller groups.
I can look into the pack if you want.
Thank you.
I've been trying to get this pack to work all day and i cant seem to figure out the problem. the link has the zip, extracted files, and the original pic i used to create the one in the zip. (black/white and original)
The audio needs to be MP3, not WAV. It was a bit of an hasty job adding the WAV support to the editor; the respack don't support them partly because "why would someone distribute songs in giant WAVs", partly because lazy. Remember to use LAME, too, as it's added silences are known to us.
thanks it worked. Since it let me use the .wav files in the first place i didn't think they were the problem
epic sauce of the day lol
Thanks for 420.moe
was added some new pic?
It looks like so o.o" anyway, it'd be beatiful if there was Lemon from Ano Natsu de Matteru .-.
Where I can buy this script or just download it?
Thanks for the awesome work guys!
Is the source available anywhere so we can make and host our own versions? Appropriate links back to you guys included, of course.
Not yet.
I've had an idea of a core Hues which could load an embedded zip (think copy hues.swf+respack.zip myhues.swf or cat hues.swf respack.zip > myhues.swf), but am busy at this time of life.
I'm calling the 0x40Hu.es server "Lazarus" now as it's like third time it's brought back from death.
Now we got trips, and "secure" trips with a laughable salt.
added 5 more
Is there some kind of archive with all the sources of the day somewhere for me to check? I like the idea but can't get on the site every single day.
Sorry, no, but I had been meaning to do that. Didn't think to make a list when we started doing it, so there might be some missing, but I can make a page for the ones I remember.
Alright, the page is up.
Also it's really more like Source of the Week and Sometimes Longer.
i like the weed one
nigga we need moar hues
Hi Chazz!
I'm not sure why but this site is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I'll check back later and see if the problem still exists.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further write ups thank you once again
I think it's just you mang. Is it any particular part of the page loading slow, or all of blogspot or what?
Hey faggots, add Shizune
thsi flash si so awesome its wonderful to see it got a fanbase
Anywhere I can donate? Your playlist has focused me on studying so I would like to donate
add more music
Shit made me tear up a few times. beautiful work
Shizune is required.
Can you replace the twin Lain one with something better quality
Jibril pls :2
Just so y'all know, the oni chichi - megumi source redirects to the wrong song.
Thank you very much for the offer; it made our day. We don't really have anything to put money towards at the moment though, so hang on to it! Glad to hear the music could help you out.

Thanks, fixed it now.
It toke 9 year but hopefully, it was worth the mass
Really love the flash guys, but after using "flash movie player" to set hues as my screensaver it loses the resource packs, is there any way to retain them? I'm sorry if this isn't the place to ask, but I would really appreciate an answer, even if its no.
Pack 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxdmBJxzkwRGNXpEbk0ycndoMkU/view?usp=sharing
Pack 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxdmBJxzkwRGNllwTVVJODJaOFE/view?usp=sharing
Added 5 more to pack 2, will start working on a pack 3.
ayy bruh when we gettin multi display support for full 2d immersion
We now have reCaptcha because apparently we need it.

Multiscreen with Flash isn't possible without clientside modifications to Flash. You'll have to settle with resizing the window allll the way.
Omg these are amazing
How can I get the new 5.1 to open with default pack and images and the default UI?
You can use 1 - 4 on your keyboard to switch the UI.

To get the default pack, right-click to open the menu, go to the RESOURCES tab, hit the "Click to load the respack list" button, and select the v5.0 Defaults.

Then click the green LOAD button and you're good to go.

^ Check these out!

Oh lookie. someone made a reddit.

>inb4 reddit


just passing by. don't mind me.
Now with backlinks, as follows: (backlink to this post appears on No.263)

Well hi!

What effects do you use to make the 0x40 images? Is photoshop needed?
Photoshop is not needed. Mike and Pyure use Paint.NET and I go with GIMP. Use the/a Threshold tool to turn the image into just black and white, then make the white transparent.
Many images have required manual work on some tought edges and such. Some have special dithering that I won't touch upon now, but as a hint, do multiple threshold passes on multiple layers.
0x40 shaders of Megumi, can someone sauce the tracks? love em
They're the same loops we used in Hues, just in a different order. You can find the song names on the Default Sources page, as well as in v1.0, v2.32S, and v5.0 of Hues.
Pyure uses paint.net, I just draw the animes in oekaki.
Where can I find a list for the hex codes of the pastel colors used in 0x40? It's a good set of colors.
The pastel set is the same one we use for the blog's background colors.

Right-click the page and go to View Page Source, then Ctrl+F and search for colorArray.
Is anyone else getting an issue where resource packs won't process on any version? I'm on Linux running the official Flash player.
That new respack is nice but the source on 150p - kazehana seems to be completely wrong.
The official Flash on Linux is something like 11.3; 0x40 uses several new functions from 11.4 and higher, plus the trick of byte washing the images (flash is paranoid with security) works with later versions. The newest Pepperflash oughta function.
Wow, thanks for your comprehensive response.
aw yiss
Pack 3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxdmBJxzkwRGTjN5bHg0ZzljTnM/view?usp=sharing
3 songs, I haven't run across many songs recently so there isn't much, but I decided to post what I have for now.
Dark Repulser, you da real MVP.
Is there a way to change the default settings? (5.0)
sweet, i got tired of loading the zips into hues of winter
Make a pokemon version please :D
Can't you make this flash like the vip flashes where the songs come from another source and get streamed to the flash?
The respacks kind of do this, but I get what you mean.
The problem would be how it would happen; you don't want to load all songs, but when changing the song you shouldn't need to buffer (the MP3 needs to be loaded completely).
How would images be handled in this case?

...after having a thought or two, I got a bit of an idea.
But! It'd be a lot of work (for a lot of nothing), and at the moment respacks seem to service just fine.
This shoutbox is fascinating. I like it.
I know this is probably a silly question, but what is the best way to create images similar to the ones used in the respacks? Is there some sort of vectorizer or something? I want to create a few.
I used Paint.NET for most of our images. Go to "Brightness / Contrast" under the Adjustments tab. Set the Contrast to 100, and play with the Brightness until the image looks the way you like. Depending on the source image, you may need to do some further editing.

I'd recommend using images with no gradient shading or jpg artifacts. Large, clean vectors are ideal. If you prefer Gimp or PS, I believe it's the Threshold tool that gives the same effect.
awesome, thanks for answering, i really appreciate it. in regards to distributing them to this community when I am done, where can this be done?
We have a simple page where you can comment on (look at the tabs on top), or you can post it here in the shoutbox too.
Pack 3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxdmBJxzkwRGTjN5bHg0ZzljTnM/view?usp=sharing
Added 3 more songs.
Good! You picked Lily.
How can we set another pack by default ? I'd like to have this at startup on my machine and don't want the default pack to load.
Presently you can't, but it's something we've given thought to for future versions.
Hey this 0x40Chan is pretty sweet. I wish you'd alter the CSS, though, so that when one opens http://0x40hu.es/chat.php?all is a new tab, it won't be restricted to the narrow width of the shoutbox it was made to fit in.
0x40 is hexadecimal for 64 but why did you pick that number? Also, is the name also a play on fifty shades of grey?
Check 'em
I know someone did the dubs joke here already but I thought it was so funny it deserved to be reposted.
Yes, Mike named the original flash "fifty hues of megumi" as a play on that title. Then it became "0x40 hues of megumi" when Anonymous D picked it up.

He at first didn't recall there being any particular reason for the number, but later said "I think the value of 0x40 came from having 4 possible values for the red, green and blue channels for each color. 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 (0x40 in hex)".
Took me 4 hours, but I finally nailed sample-accurate loops from loading MP3s in a browser, which the other 2 JS based 0x40's fail at. Even worth posting? I'm not sure if anyone cares about web versions of 0x40 :\
Actually, I'm super curious now - what voodoo magic are you doing that makes Pink 69% opacity + hard light = http://i.imgur.com/AkEJb04.png

Tried a bunch of different layering modes, nothing nailed that effect.
Feel free to post it here, all Hues related is interesting. I'd also like to see how it compares to the JS hues on the blog, just above this frame. Wait, is it a complete clone with images too?

Flash layers are, from top to bottom (HARD-LIGHT option):
1. Color @ 70% alpha and hard-light blendmode
2. Black-and-transparent image (full alpha)
(3. White background)

I once tried to get the layering work in pure code, but had some trouble with that. Though it's to be said that at the time had no idea what I was doing.
Definitely interested in a better JS version of Hues, I spent hours trying to get amima.me to loop right and no dice.

Well, I'd prefer default respack embedding on official hues more, though. c:
Oh neat, I didn't notice the mini-hues. It does the same thing I do (web audio api ftw), but with .ogg music. Mine has the advantage of fixing the mp3s too, cause I have an end goal of being able to use respacks just like the flash :)
So this is pretty crap so far, code wise. I don't recommend looking at the source.

It uses CSS3 transitions, Web Audio and mix-blend-mode. A modern browser is required. No loading screen, it'll get there if you wait.

Don't click 'next' twice before letting the first click load, weird things may happen. Sometimes on first load the audio lags, I blame Firefox being bad. Restart the song and it'll stay in sync for hours.
It also appears that Chrome at large-ish resolutions lags a lot with mine, Firefox is pretty flawless.
Nice work on the Flash, guys.
I notice it's reached the max size you can post at on /f. So I guess adding more images and/or songs will require either images>songs, or songs>images. At least without compromising quality?
We can cram in a bit more images; the 120 or so? images in 5.11 take just about 2 megs, a single image is quite small thanks to pngcrush and other tricks.
I fear the songs are already LAME V6, and we're not 100% comfortable lowering the quality to have more, at least at the time.

That's why we got respacks!
But yes, the defaults might get changes... sometime. Or not. Who knows?
So, I've been working on my own JS web audio version of hues, you can check it out at https://hues.kepstin.ca/ (the credits line is a link to the github).
No blurs, blackout, or animated lain yet, but it runs on unmodified (although extracted) respacks. Might add zip support later. Firefox sucks at looping mp3s, so I added some opus and vorbis files too. Up/down arrows change song, no other controls implemented.

I'd really love it if respacks could contain, say, a "hues.xml" with a list of hues...
so many js clone out there i see...
still, here my version of js hues


* up/down to change song
It's because MP3s suck at looping. Trim 2258 samples off the start and 1000 off the end of your AudioBuffer and it'll sync. I do it an extra hacky way that trims silence, then an extra frame off the start, probably a bad idea.
Iunno if you're happy with me bumping my own thing, but my JS one is getting better! Runs fast on most PC's I've thrown at it.


Cool things: has an audio preloader, properly timed short blackouts, and a neato beat bar with half-working CSS
Needs work: UI is a bit ugly, uses lots of ram
since your last update with skipPreload = false it will throw an error (at least in FF38 and chromium 42 on GNU/Linux)
ReferenceError: madeonPreload is not defined
Anyway, with preload skipped, it works like a charm.
How very bizarre, it's defined in 0x40.js, which is in <head> in a script tag. Javascript is a funny beast...
I have modified your version to include respack loading. I'm not the best JS programmer in the world, but it loads songs and does not crash.
I'm actually tempted to try something like https://github.com/audiocogs/mp3.js to bypass the broken browser mp3 decoding completely.

The timing on the short blackouts is still screwing with me, any hints on how the flash calculates that?
Short blackouts are beat width / 1.7, then new waifu on unblack. The flash displays a frame of the new waifu before blacking too, intentional?

And trust me, chopping the MP3s are enough to make them loop awesomely. Works for mine, steal the trimSilence function if ya want :)
Brilliant! I'm reworking the audio code to use ~10x less memory (I hope), so I'll integrate that for the next version.

(forgive the double post)
Huh, I originally thought the blackouts had a fade-in/out, but now that I look closer that doesn't seem to be true. Must have been confused by poor lcd response times.
Yep, | is beatLength/1.7 . Originally it was half a beat, but that was a tad too fast for majority of the songs.
There is a fade-in of about two frames (alpha += 0.4), but no fade-out.
The next image showing during fade-in never crossed our minds, most likely because | is fairly new and doesn't blur like + does.

I like the preloader a lot, clever!
Wow, I didn't even realize that the blackouts did a blur. Just did a screencap and looked at it frame-by-frame and yep, there's a horizontal blur going on during the couple frames as the blackout fades in.
It seemed too abrupt and jarring just cutting straight to black, so we added a fade and heavy horizontal blur to kind of emulate an old TV being turned off. It doesn't quite look like that, but that was the inspiration.
But actually, now that I look again, that effect is a lot less noticeable in v5.0 then it was in v1.0.
Well, thanks for the help with all the timing details; I've put a new webgl-based rendering engine on https://hues.kepstin.ca/ and it's looking pretty close to the flash now. All the arrows and the shift and 'f' controls work now, too. (and lain is animated.)

I suppose next I should finally fix mp3s and maybe look at zip loading...
Black screen on Firefox, smooth as on Chrome though :) Even works (ish) on chrome mobile!
Strange that it's not working on FF for you, I did most of my dev there. Can you go to https://github.com/kepstin/0x40hues-html5/issues and give me the dev console output?
This flash is awesome. I've left the link to my respack in the community respack section of the blog if anyone wants to check it out.

Also is the skype chat dead?
Nope, 80-some people in the Skype group and a few more in the IRC.

The link's been having some issues lately, but trying multiple times has worked for others. If not, post your Skype name and we can bring you in.

Thanks, if you could add TheFailGrenade that'd be sweet!
is there a way to always play buildups when songs play?

It's in the options screen. I think it's the last option. Select "always" under "play buildups", I think.
Whenever I close the swf it resets and I lose all my resource packs and preferences. Is there a say to save it?
I imagine saving respacks is impossible, due to them being local zips, they could disappear, move etc. My preferences save happily when using FF, maybe standalone flash player has issues?
This is the best site on the net
Is the quality acceptable?
Yes, verily! Post that onto the requests (url in the example field) so that we can keep track of it.

I can't check on mobile, but make sure it's black on transparent (or we will, on pack compile) or some blend modes will look off.

And do keep making more! If you feel at ease with it, you can use dithering, too.
For some reason, respacks won't fucking load, even if I load them using a zip. It just says "Processing" and stop loading at a specific % (different for each repack).
Your Flash is outdated and older than 11.4 . Update Flash or use Chrome's included Pepperflash.
I'm on Linux and the last version Adobe's supporting for the system is 11.2 . Is there a workaround to get it to work in FF?
There are some hacky solutions, like the Fresh Player:
Here's a StackOverflow on installing it - it's old, but should work:
I'm working on a pack of Savant songs, managed to only get three done so far. I'd be glad if someone could check it to see if it's ok, after so many hours I can't even tell if it's on beat.
Suggestions for a track are great too!

Well, they all loop very cleanly. The maps for the first 2 songs could use some adjustments I think, but nice song choices!
I love you guys.
Ayy Lmao
We love you too!
5000 niggers
Needs more respacks you can directly download from the flash.
that would be cool
You guys are the best. Keep it up.

Almost a full clone now, and should run on most devices released in the last 4 years. Full respack support, user preferences, 3/4 UIs, and uses 10x less memory than my previous iteration :)
love the shout-b-ox theme! keep up with the good work, my autism needs to be fed
donation link ?
How do I fullscreen?
No but seriously is there a donation link ?
No link, no; we don't ask for donations. But if you're absolutely sure, we have a Paypal on 0x40.team@gmail.com . Many thanks if you do end up donating, since the respacks do require a server!

In a browser, click outside of the flash (for example the url bar) and press F11. There's no fullscreen in the standalone SWF (since browsers can do it).
What's the flashval for the halloween UI?

Also any chance of a flashval for loading local respacks on startup? Even some sort of hacked together thing would be nice, I just kinda want something for use with my screensaver.
For reference, I'm trying to make it so it loads the respective packs (4/20, Halloween, Christmas, etc), but obviously only 5.11+ have the flashval feature (so I can't set the other options automatically), and the flash itself isn't aware of the date. It would also be nice to have all the packs I have available to be chosen from.
Your site and flashes make me happy. Thank you.
pictures of cute anime girls bopping to a tight beat. What more could a man want in life?
how do you inport the songs
If you mean importing your own songs, the info on our Editor Tutorial page may help.

For loading respacks from our server into the flash, refer to this image http://puu.sh/lkSCr.png
Please make this possible in RAINMETER omg that would be sooo awesome
to have your wallpaper do these blurs etc :D
Haha you motherfuckers. That .jpg made me skip a heartbeat, jumped on the mute button on my keyboard before realizing it wasn't a flash. Well done.
Also the 12th planet song doesn't have the right source. And the soundcloud link for a song (I don't remember which) is dead.
How do you create a respack? I can't seem to get the songs to actually load when I zip them up
Interesting idea, but you'll need a custom plugin for that and I've done zero C#. Maybe, but merely a maybe.
Look for example in another pack, like http://0x40.rbn.moe/respacks/ShuttersPack.zip . Remember, songs will not show up without an entry in songs.xml!
>>368 i don't mind that :D if it's possible, i want to make it happen :P
also, it appears some people have made a html5 version, it works super good, except for one thing, every loop it skips a few ms :S but it has potential :) i'd love to be able to do this without flashplayer :D heres the link to the html5 version: http://0x40.sparkyrailgun.com/mau5/ i chose that link, because its the only version that can even load the zip respacks :P
What browser + OS are you on? MP3s are awful, and browsers are inconsistent
Well, firefox and chrome both have the issue (although chrome has it a lot less noticable)
>>371 oh sorry i forgot, Windows 10 Pro x64
firefox & chrome

(my hardware is pretty good too :D ):
Intel Core i5-4460
Asrock B85M Pro4
16 GB RAM DDR3 1600 MHZ
Seasonic 520 WATT

i don't know if you need that info anyways, but it's just to make sure you don't think i have an old computer (cause that would explain the html5 loop problem)
>>371 oh and i finally found 1 song that loops perfectly in the html5 version XD it's: "NHATO - DELAY ORDER" i even have a video on my google drive, if you wanna see it, i'll send the link
I fixed the sauce video for Will Power on Sauce of the Day. It had a nasty beep in the middle of the video which my video removes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsKI-t8W0QY

I also fixed Character Request #9 by including a bigger image
Thanks for the fix, Zenon. I've replaced the other vid with your upload.
Hi! I make 0x40 AmbiLED - ambilight for 0x40 Hues. Video of the work - https://youtu.be/2TVMya3PEEI Links to src's and loops in video description
Yeah, I'd be keen to see this video. Very confusing.

>>377 Brilliant!
okay in this video is the html5 version running CORRECTLY even with the loops:

and on this video its visible how bad it usually loops:

NOTE: in the second video, there are two messages "flashplayer versie" and "html5 versie" they simply mean "flashplayer version" + "html5 version"
oh and >>379 is me srry i forgot to enter my username :D
Why not making the possibility of loading a Character set ? I want to put my own images :'S
Is it possible not to load the default respack, but loading another one. For instance by calling the swf with an arg. ?
But you can?
You can make a respack with only images in it.
Not with the current SWF, although it has been brought up multiple times. You can use the web hues in the meantime:
uhm... this html5 version is waay better and can do almost everything the normal version can do:

okay nevermind http://0x40.mon.im/
is the best one yet XD thanks :D
This is a custom song. I've had.... issues with some MP3s, PackShit to be precise. Could you give me a link to the respack you're using?

Does http://0x40.mon.im/ loop all its songs without issue?
as well as http://amima.me

are down. Anyone got a mirror?
There's a respack I ripped for use with the flash/HTML5 versions.
merry christmas!
Thx anon
Link's been updated on the versions page
hi from UA :) Happy new year!
Happy year to you too friendo :^)
Some days ago I noticed that Muhnig.ga website had the current error, for me at least(?): 403 Forbidden
can someone contact them to maybe try to fix it? I love their website.
0x40 Hues of Mr Skeltal updated to v2.1


- Mr Skeltal now jams upside down, to the left, to the right, every which way and hey now now
- Fixed all bugs
- Portal to the Peaceful Skeleton Realm no longer accepts american attack helicopters

Yo man, if you're still around, my hues has just been updated to work with any MP3 the flash can. Your problem should now be completely fixed!

Hey, thanks for porting the Flash version to good ole' HTML5. Started mirroring it on my domain and made a respack to go with it ^w^:

thank you for making the most awesome thing in the internet.
Happy new year
>TFW I greentext outside 4chin
If only someone would remake v4.20 and add a volume slider
Well, there is http://420.mon.im/
.... Just hit '3' or '5' to get to a UI with a slider.

You can also load any of the later flashes with the 4.20 respack
I wish 0X40 Hues could work with my PS4 *sigh*
>greentext intensifies
just wondering, where is the directory remote respacks are saved when downloaded through the client?
They're loaded in memory, not on disk. They're available here http://0x40hues.blogspot.com.au/p/blog-page_5.html
good shit m8
Isn't there a smaller link for the swf? like, 0x40h.in.swf or something?
There exists http://0x40hu.es/latest.php .
like dis if u cry everytim
Is there any way to make this into a screensaver?
Yes. OS?
Is there a way to dl this and load it up on a webpage any time I feel like it? Sorry I'm kinda a scrub at this kind of thing but I want to stick it on a google drive to load it at school
Is the code for the background (and player) of the website available somewhere it would be awesome to have our own 0x40 hues backgrounds :)
Your flash files have content that loads stuff from -> http://cdn.0x40hu.es/
There is no HTTPS enabled on that link, making the flash insecure. Please get letsencrypt or something
There *is* HTTPS, but the CDN url is hardcoded in to the flash, as http. (Besides, it's Flash, it's insecure any way you look at it. We are even working around some security "features" to get images out of zips!)
Did this https://paste.polfurs.org/?606db7864a992391#wQqJ0Q7m079fOKyGtENvS5Z01R0WY+vRUtR7vHbg4p4=
Is there a reason, why these songs aren't enabled by default?
Is there any tutorial on how to style images in order to get the effect from the swf?
Because Finale worked well enough alone. It's just miniHues, meant to be simple.
Yes, kind of. Here's an old album I made pal-to-pal: http://imgur.com/a/2fCOn
The result: http://i.imgur.com/WRa29fz.png
I love me some dithers; they're not mandatory, but I'm biased and if you can, go for dithers.
I'd also like to know this. OS is Windows 7.
With a simple search of 'swf to screensaver', InstantStorm pops up. But mind, the flash will play music and the options you set might not stay.
I haven't been around in a while, but since it's nearing its EOL, I wanted to stop by to give a huge thanks for everyone who's contributed to this wonderful blend of girls and good music. I've personally had a lot of fun messing around with the song mapper and, recently, dithering images (Thank you for the guide, AMM!). I'm working on a final pack as token of appreciation of sorts. I can't say when I might complete it, but I'll make sure it's high quality.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!
Thank you. Nice tutorial :3
Appreciate it, Tylup. Looking forward to the new pack, we really liked the first one.

Should stop by the Skype/IRC/Discord chat sometime!
Alright man I understand. No prob
helo evribadi
it seems the respack server is down.
Following up on >>430, it looks like remote respacks don't load, using either the latest standalone Flash Player and ESR version, as well as Google Chrome, though with a different error. Exact error messages I received can be viewed here: http://pastebin.com/eDe7c79t
To clarify, the errors seem to indicate NOT that the CDN server is down, but rather that Flash prevented the .zip from being downloaded for security reasons.
Oops, expired SSL certs. Fixed.
This is great. Everything is great.
What did I miss?
>version 5.11
>STILL no mugi
Moog http://puu.sh/pyYr0.png
Is there a download available for the miniHues?
Is there a way for me to host a version of this with my respack as default? I'm not sure how I'd go about changing that.
Thanks for the interest, but no.
Not with the Flash version, see https://github.com/mon/0x40-web instead
Custom SWF builds "someday", though that requires a new spark of motivation.
What about the other type was it HTML?
Sorry it's late and I think I'm retarded.
I followed the instructions on install
edited the html (in chrome) and then I saved as to save changes.
I try opening the html and the workers didn't load when I didn't change the path for them, do I use the entire file path?
And how does building work? I downloaded node.js and opened the cmd and typed npm install -g
I' haven't really worked with html before.
You shouldn't have to change the workers path if you didn't move anything. What error do you get?

Shouldn't need to build unless you're changing the code, but... Clone or download the repo, enter the directory, then run
npm install gulp -g
npm install
gulp release
I noticed the Halloween Theme has a sort of filter around its border along with the webs. I liek the filter and the different colored font in the theme, but i don't like the webs. Would be cool to see an option to toggle the webs.
dont let this die please :D
Filter is called a vignette. If you get the web hues you can just delete the web images.
Actually, where can i find a good tutorial to learn how to make my own 0x40 Hues?
Like, a custom hosted website or making new songs?
What would be your ideas or actions to prevent that?
what anime is megumi from (originis of 0x40 megumi hues
oni chichi. warning, it's explicit
When is a 0x40 visualization happening for foobar.
If there was enough interest for one, who knows; it's not an easy task.

So, probably never.
Staring at Lain is hypnotic.
So,>>452 are you implying that 40XHues is dying? I always have ideas on additions and whenever i hear a song I always think, "huh, that'd make a good Hues loop".

I guess the one idea that i can remember is having a Pixelation Blur in sort of thing. almost like the windows movie maker pixel blur thing.
Are there any tutorials on how to put your own characters in the style used for the character packages?
Here's a decent tutorial
Is it dead?
only sleeping
Sleep tight, hues.
you can join the IRC and find that the creators are all still active. Just keep visiting. Never forget.
Can someone tell me what is Hues for and if it is posible for me to upload my own in my website and how? Please haha
I can't seem to finish this game... how to defeat boss?
put a ばいくおん character
This is kind of creepy.
yeh.. creepy
Happy halloween niggers
When is Madeon - Shelter coming to 0x40 Hues' default pack?! :D
When can I get this as a visualization for Winamp
When we amass enough donations.

How desperate!

We'd need a new release to make a new default pack. Someone could just map the song right now, as well.
is there a new christmas version coming soon guys?
You are all awesome people and I just want to say thank you to all the people that worked on this. Seriously, thank you for all the hard work.
Who knows?
Thanks! Great work on the CRT helmet!
Thanks! Just trying to spread word of 0x40 hues in the only way I know how, building goofy shit.
Love this flash! One of my favorites. One question: what's the difference between v5.0 and v5.11? Can't seem to navigate to the patch notes if they exist.
Scroll down a bit to read "0x40 Hues of Winter" and "0x40 Hues v5.11" on the blog.
Nice loop, good work.
Hey everyone, i have been away for a while, but last time i was here (a year or 2 maybe ago), i wanted to help make this popular again, and now i've got the perfect way of doing so! (message too long so read the next message)
i have created a workshop item on steam, for "Wallpaper Engine" and it has the 0x40 Hues in it, meaning people can now have this awesome stuff as their wallpaper :D (i will, on request of owners/creators/etc remove it from steam, but i hope you are happy that i did this)
Here is an image showing it works:

On request i will post the steam workshop link and or a video demo of it. :)

Greetings from the netherlands,
How to download this outside of Steam I pirated WP Engine so I can't download it via Workshop
Hey Anon,
That's not a problem, do you have a steam account i can contact you on? i'd be glad to send it to you, even via other services like steam/discord/skype (or even an e-mail!) :D
I won't send the link in here though as i'm not sure about the rules of this chat.

Greetings, Coolykoen
I sent you a friendrequest on Steam (Celestielle)
Saw that, as you already know ;)
Chrome trying to download flashes when opening them instead of launching them. Anyone know what's up? Didn't do this like a month ago. I've tried it on the regular client as well as the beta.
There have been some changes to Chrome which force swf downloads. To fix this, go to chrome://plugins/ and check the "Always allowed to run" box under Adobe Flash Player
the best
It has been a while since i've posted about it, so here's a little update:

The 0x40 Hues for Wallpaper engine... already has:
-297 Unique visitors
-137 Subscribers
-19 Favorites

Whoever these people are, i thank you all for this! :)

What if I said I could 100% complete the requests that people have? I would need some direction on how exactly you'd want them, but I've made my own fit into a Hues ResPack.
>>495 thank you for the great desktop :^)
I still wait for new hue
I am looking for the discord invite link.
Why the fuck would you ban me for posting a picture of my face? I've been with 0x40 since the start. I watched every single piece of sh* anime from every single character including all their seasons in/on 0x40 that have one.
You think I give a fuck? I'm posting this because I fucking care about you. You're losing me, I'm not losing anything.

√ √
No problem, glad you like it. <3
Any new hues this halloween?

um admin. why is the halloween flash taking more than 50% of my cpu ?

OS: Windwows 7 SP1

Flash player used: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/debug_downloads.html (Flash Player projector)

Flash used:0x40 Hues of Halloween downloaded from here.

CPU usage increases only when transition of images occurs.
Haven't tested with other flashes though.
As you can see, no.
Just doing Hues with a new set of songs is irrelevant. We have respacks for that, and anyone can contribute.
It's called blurs, anon. Flash is not that performant on them. Besides, why do you think it shouldn't take over 50% of your CPU?
What happened to the sauce of the day site?
Still there http://sauce.0x40hu.es/get/list
but because of fucked up SSL shenanigans (it's running on Google Appengine and getting https there is a pain) browsers forbid the iframe. Haven't bothered to fix it because I should host it properly and that means rewriting the site backend.
So, I found this new site that I'm sure 40Hues gave inspiration to. I've been ovbsessed with it. http://coub.com/ There are a lot of different styles, but once you find the right Anime kinds, I think a lot of you wil like it. like this one http://coub.com/view/yqgy2 I hope I'm allowed t post this sort of thing....
Um, is there a template to make a 0x40 hues thing? I want to make one, but I can't find it;;
Anyone knows what to do in the settings menu to get flash files to work on chrome? /f/ ones work fine, but not here for some reason
This is cool
Wondering the same thing as >>512 , would love to make some more Aphex Twin ones.
I've made a perfect loop, but in the 0x40 editor it restarts with a sharp noise. I've got it saved as a .wav, tried different bit depths and sampling rates, still happens. Anyone got any advice?
fixed that by encoding in lame mp3, quite odd that wav has this issue.
There's no way to make your own .swfs, but you can make your own respacks. Just download an official one and look at how it's structured - it's just files in a zip file. Remember, wavs are not supported in zips (to make sure people don't start sharing giant wavs). It's also preferable to use LAME for encoding the audio, since we know the encoder delay (amount of silence) for it and can make loops seamless.
ded maymays
very nice job so far
i hope you keep making good flash
Very calming and makes me happy, thank you for making this.
I was exploring a bit and I found the George W. Bush "Trap" remix in one of the community packs.

I had the wonderful idea if there was a community pack with a bunch of trap characters set to that song lol