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posting on an ebin thread
0x420 what up
Regardless of how I open this flash, I can no longer open respacks. Clicking "load zips" does nothing, and the remote respack list will no longer load.
RIP HUES it's been fun.
anyone still got the AmiMami respack?
want to recreate it
It's been years but it seems I remembered too late. Good bye hues, goodbye /f/, it was fun
it seriously is a shame watching this go down
what happened to the halloween hues?
Yo I hate Horror Hues how do I make it normal again
I like the horror but can I get back the old Halloween one? An option to switch between the two would be greatly appreciated.
Has something shit itself? explain.
Imma try to archive everything
werks for me
Wakt~ morsbi~
Wakt~ morsbi~
See you all in the next life
0x40 hues must be preserved for future generations!
0x40 is on the flashpoint archive if you wanna use it in the future
Let's all love Lain!!!