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Well if you have Flash installed on your PC you can still play the SWF files that this uploaded, but that involves downloading the files first, which can be sus sometimes.
dubs get
come on man
sad :c
I can still run these on a clientside swf player, look into it
hi guys
works on my machine
Hey, dunno if anyone is still here, but I've been trying to make a repack for v5.2 but the zip file doesn't load for some reason. I've tried changing codecs, messing with the xml files, and checking what makes the other working zips and repacks work, but I can't figure it out. Any insights would be appreciated, cheers.
I just wanna see my post on the site dont mind me
Could be a small mistake somewhere in the xml, I'd triple check your end tags and everything. Hard to say without seeing the pack though. You could post what you have here or stop by the Discord for help.
Thanks, I've checked through it a few times now, but still can't find anything. This is what I have so far:
My man here missing some of the meme hue swf's


Looks like the issue is your info.xml, it appears as a jumbled mess in Notepad. Just need to recreate that, everything else works fine.
Thanks for checking that, never even thought of it being an issue. I exported to XML from a .odt Libre Office doc for both the info and songs files but for whatever reason it didn't export properly for the info one.
On a separate note, any recommendations on how to do up images to get the same sort of black and white style?
Here's a short guide that will hopefully be able to walk you through it. Good luck with your pack! https://youtu.be/_4XGBpp85Jc
Somebody, answer the question please! Why Airi Akizuki (oni chichi) in 0x40 is named as Megumi?
Mike, the original creator of Hues, redrew a random anime screenshot for fun and decided to make a flash loop with it. He didn't know the character's name at the time and just went with Megumi. It's a good name.
oh thanks, Mary's hand! It's just that all the characters that are here in the pictures have their real names written, and only one Airi has the name Megumi. It just seemed strange to me. Thanks for the explanation!
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